Friday, July 13, 2012

Book Signing

I am having a book signing at Panache Consignment Boutique in Suwanee, Georgia on July 19th. It is from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Please come out if you are in the area!


  1. It was a divine pleasure to meet you last Thursday! GOD definetly makes no mistakes! Upon completing the reading of the book, Sunday afternoon...I feel as though I took a stroll through Texas, Anaheim, CA, and Georgia, Manhattan, NY and other locations as you unveiled former episodes of your unique story! It is more than obvious that a major incision was performed as you sought GOD on a higher level and in due season you reaped the harvest, and thank GOD you did not faint! Thank you for opening up your heart, sharing with others the painful events and the awesome victories! May others experience the "Southern Breeze"...a fresh wind and a pivotal transformation that affects them and all who are divinely connected! I am elated to have been in your presence and look forward to the "More of GOD" yet to come!

    1. What beautiful words! Please leave me your contact information at You have blessed me and put a big smile on my heart! Thank you for the encouragement as I wait to see what God wants of me and "Our Southern Breeze". God bless!!!!