Friday, July 13, 2012

Big News with Barnes and Noble!

This has got to be a GOD thing!
Several weeks ago when we had sold 1,040 books and not in any book stores, I decided to be brave and see if Barnes & Noble would talk with me.  I knew they had our eBook and paperback on the website for a couple of days.  When I started calling different stores in DFW, Atlanta, and Austin all of the managers said they couldn’t order it.  For you who know me, that wasn’t the answer I wanted. 

Andrea Taylor, who wrote with me and set up our distributor, emailed me the name of the VP of Sales/Buyer in Manhattan I should call as she thought it could at least be sold on the website.  NO ONE ever answers the phone but Jane Love did!!  I introduced myself and told her about OSB and my connection to SKODAM and Ron.  As we were speaking she said she was sending an email to the man who decides and buys all of the books for biographies and if I didn’t hear from him I was to call.

Edward called this morning and we had an amazing conversation on the phone.  Before we finished talking, you would have thought I was in line with the “big boys”!  I told him I would like to have my book in DFW, Austin, and Atlanta.  I promised him that I would let my energies be directed to B & N and knew that I was riding in on Ron’s coattails!!!!!  He just laughed but  know he thinks the same thing.

After talking with Edward I now have my first B & N book signing scheduled for September 5th between 6p and 8p in the Ft. Worth B & N at University Park Village!  I asked the young man in Ft. Worth how many books I would have to sell to get Edward notice me.  He said anything between 45 to 50Please join me in asking God for that number!  Sweet Regan asked for 5 books so she can start marketing to her church and friends. Other friends of Deborah’s are also helping me!

If you know anyone even near DFW, by Monday I will have the poster ready and can send a pdf version of it if you feel it might help spread the news.  I’m also going to call the FT Star Telegram to see if they will do an article.  I am overwhelmed at God’s grace and abilities to have this happen to a West Texas girl named Daffny Snort, a snior from Sider who stopped learning in the 7th grade!!!!!!

Thank you to my dear friends who never stopped believing in me!

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