Friday, October 19, 2012

My dear friend who recently became blind from a brain tumor

This is more information about what we discussed regarding the opportunity for stem cell treatments in China. I am excited about the possibility of seeing again, especially after a rough transition to having no vision. I met Tim Smith about four months ago. He and I both attend 12Stone church, but we were at different campuses, so our paths had not crossed. After I lost my vision, a mutual friend introduced us, and our friendship developed and I was inspired by him. Tim went to an eye doctor in Alabama who gave him the information regarding this company in China who was a leader in stem cell treatments and development. I made inquiries directly to the company and have gotten temporary approval to receive a fifteen day treatment that will cost approximately $18,500. I want Lovey to go with me, so we are raising additional money for airfare. So, we are looking at about $25,000 per couple. Their treatment success rate is close to 75% as long as my case falls under their protocol. So far, I have a green light. We are extremely excited that the possibility of seeing again and giving hope to our families that we can lead a more normal life. Thank you for your love and support and we will keep you updated on the progress. Blessings, -Wesley Vaughn  

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